Fundamentals of Resiliency

Joshua Fredenburg is a nationally acclaimed speaker, media commentator, leadership/diversity consultant, relationship expert, and author of five books. He has served as a keynote speaker for different lectures, conferences, retreats, and trainings at various colleges, non-profit organizations, and corporate events in forty four different states. He is also a dynamic speaker who is known for delivering an inspirational message with expert advice that leads to immediate, life changing and transformational results!

In addition to a highly successful speaking career, Joshua is also the President and Founder of the Circle of Change Leadership Conference and World Leaders Institute. The Circle of Change Leadership Conference is an award winning leadership development program that was not only recognized by the NASPA (Student Affair Professionals in Higher Education) Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community as the “Top Student Leadership Development Program in 2015”, but it’s also an incredible conference that prepares student leaders for career leadership success in the 21st Century. It also connects these students with executives from companies such as Pepsi, Columbia Pictures, Hewlett Packard, CNN, UPS, MTV, Mattel, Starbucks’s, VH-1, Verizon Wireless, NBC Universal, IBM, Warner Brothers, Chipotle, Disney, and Fox to name a few.

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